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What You Need to Know about PSVR headphones

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It has become evident in recent years that headphones are no longer just sound. Today, they also refer to style and portability.

PSVR, a headphones company with many promises, is one of the newest companies in charge of fashion headphones. PSVR quickly became its most popular (and best) model in history

Are they good?

This review of PSVR headphones will cover several important details, including style, sound, portability and features.

The style

There is no doubt that the PSVR is an elegant helmet. It looks a little classic with padded headphones on the ear, a fabric cord that minimizes tangles and a matte finish. There are 14 different colors that cover almost the entire spectrum of colors.

The only color that is really missing is orange. I'm not sure why. Personally, I went with Brown and they look great.

The PSVR is definitely bigger than the typical style of the 1980s in a headset, but by no means is it too flashy or cumbersome. It looks good and it's fine.


The sound in PSVR is very good. Especially considering the price range. While the earphones are considered in the ear, they cover almost completely my ears, for a total immersion experience. As far as I know, they are not advertised as cancellation or noise reduction, but they certainly act in this way. I can hardly hear anyone when I hear these headphones, even if that person is right in front of me.

Portability / Sustainability

PSVR is definitely a daily handset that moves well. The group is nice and flexible, and the headphones are folded into a small compact package. There is no case, but personally, I do not need it or I do not want it.

I have not had the PSVR long enough to really judge sustainability, but it definitely looks like it will last a while. The design is simple, so there are not many connections that can break, and the materials seem to be able to withstand its wear without problems.

The characteristics

For a moderately priced helmet, the PSVR headphones have many interesting features. The compact and foldable design is definitely more, since it makes the headphones portable and can be adapted to any head size.

The cable is a fabric that keeps it remarkably free, a significant improvement over other headphones and headphones that I have had in the past. It also has a remote control / microphone that is compatible with most devices, including iPhone, Droid, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC and others.