How to Obtain Prices and Terms and Conditions at Edwards Taxidermy.


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Current Prices can be obtained by telephoning us at
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A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all work.  No work will be started until this deposit is received.  The balance is due upon completion of work.  Any item left past 60 days, without a deposit, will be sold to cover storage costs.  A $25 per month service fee will be charged for storage on all work not picked up within 30 days, after notification of completion.  Any work not picked up within 60 days, after notification of completion, will be sold to cover expenses.  Crating and shipping charges are extra.  If a personal check is used as final payment, the check must clear the bank before the mount is released. 
ALL TANNING MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE AND IS ACCEPTED AT OWNER’S RISK ONLY.  Many factors have a definite effect on the final results of tanning, such as primeness, time of the year, heat, and the care given the skin or trophy in the field, when it was taken.  Occasionally, a skin will not tan, or will go to pieces in the tanning process, due to improper handling prior to our receiving it, or from defects in the skin.  Since we have no control over any skin or trophy prior to our receiving it for tanning and/or mounting, we cannot assume liability, or offer any guarantee of the tanning on any skin.  Although your trophy will be insured while in our possession, THE LIMIT OF THIS COMPANY’S LIABILITY FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE TO ANY TROPHY SHALL NOT EXCEED THE MOUNTING FEE.  It is the responsibility of the customer to comply with all game laws and regulations. 
Crating & Shipping
Crating and shipping charges are extra.  Shipping of small trophies is by UPS.  All of our larger trophies are shipped by Trophy Transport, as per their current rate.

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