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Wakaflex from Monier (Braas) is a self-adhesive material that is produced in rolls. They are specifically intended to seal joints and abutments of the roof and other surfaces like the walls, parapets, and pipes. These are produced in rolls of 0.28cm x 5m and this can take the form of complex profiles of shingles which easily lies without folding. It can assure any roofer of smooth and neat results.

What Roofers Need To Know About Wakaflex

Wakaflex is similar to materials from other manufacturers that have an aluminum mesh that runs through the roll making it more durable and will not easily break even in shrinkage of the constructed part of the building. Here are the reasons why you have to choose Wakaflex from Monier (Braas).

  • Easy and Safe to Use. Wakaflex is specifically designed to make your roofing jobs easier because it is lighter and easier to move with no risk of any injury. It is highly stretchable up to 50% its length and 15% its width. This is self-adhesive so it just rolls and sticks to the surface without giving you a hard time. This use of this product is not limited because it can be applied to any wall abutments and up-stands, chimneys, pipe flashings, dormers and so much more!
  • Faster To Install. Wakaflex is the most popular roofing material that can help save your time compared to other traditional lead. Monier is confident that you can save half of your time. Roofers would want to get the job done on the fastest route without putting the quality of the results at risk. With Buy Phentermine 2015, you can surely finish the job at the fastest possible time.
  • Theft or Threat Proof. Every homeowner wants their home to be safe from thieves and other outside threats. By using Wakaflex, you can make sure that every part of the house will be more secure that can give them a peace of mind knowing that they have a professional roofing job done at a very reasonable price. This can put the lesser risk for metal thieves because Wakaflex has no scrap value.

How Roofers Use Wakaflex 

During the installation of the roofing, the roofer will be leaving a small gap between the tile and the chimney to prepare for possible shrinkage or for changing the shape of the roof. The Wakaflex will be used to seal this area and the right junction where the material is cut directly at the construction site, free the film and product will be adhered to the walls using the adhesive side. When roofers need additional sealing, the joints will be filled using a sealant. When the installation of the tape for abutting, Wakaflex would be able to provide reliable waterproofing.

Why Order Wakaflex From The Ceramics-DS?

The company’s goal is to provide a wide range of services that focus on selling ceramic tiles and professional installation. When it comes to quality of the products and styling, the company can assure you that they can provide you with everything that you need. They have a huge selection of different models that you can have access to online, making it easier to filter and look for the model that you need.

If you care about the longevity of your roof and preserve its original appearance, make sure that you order your products and have it installed with the help of Ceramic-DS. They have handled hundreds of projects and clients and they can surely provide you with a roofer that can help you with your roofing concerns.